What is Moodle

Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is free open source software that runs on a server and allows teachers to create a content management system so that students can access learning resources at school or from home. 

Moodle is hosted on a server in the Technology Department for SPPS.


What is Moodle Video



SPPS Moodle Resources

SPPS Moodle site - login with your Campus username and password to see your Moodle course(s) or the directory of courses available

Moodle Request site - fill out the form to have a Moodle course created by the Technology Department for you



Fine Art Photography - topic layout (assignments) with embedded video

Image Manipulation - topic layout with images

Great Lakes Ecology - topic layout - self-paced course with photos and embedded video

AP US History - weekly format layout

Algebra - topic layout with images

Using Digital Images in Instruction - topic layout with images

Digital Photography - topic layout with images

Romeo & Juliet - quiz feature

MoodleShare - Click on course name to preview. Download zipped file if you want to use course and have imported into SPPS Moodle.

Important Things To Do

Set an enrollment key - Create a password or enrollment key to give to your students so that they can access your course.

Click the Turn Editing On button to edit your Moodle content and add files.

Click the Turn Editing Off button to see what your Moodle course will look like to students.

Don't edit the same module as anyone else with teacher access rights at the same time or you will overwrite each other's work.

Monitor students - Everything is recorded with their username on it so nothing they write is anonymous.

Be aware of size limitations for file uploads.

Turn off visibility of modules that you do not want students to work on ahead of time so that they will not be able to see the module until you are ready for them to see it.


Most Frequently Used Moodle Features

Create assignments

Upload documents and videos

Create forums for students to respond to a question, reading, or each other.

Create a quiz

Link to webpages

Use choices to do quick poll


More Moodle Resources

Moodle Features Demo Course - examples of Moodle features - not all features will work if signed in as Guest User

Moodle Features Demo Course - Moodle examples of features - again, not all feature will work if signed in as Guest User

Using Moodle - free PDF version of 2nd edition of book

Moodle Docs - community wiki with lots of information about Moodle features - helpful resources and explanations of Moodle


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